Dr. T.Z. Chen A True Hero

Hi, unfortunately, life just isn’t always what you want it to be. Acute or chronic pain can overwhelm your life day in and day out. Over the years your body won’t do what your mind wants done without suffering from chronic pain. It can affect your job, your relationships, and your hope for the future, and your emotional and physical health. Walking becomes more of a chore than a joy when you’re in pain…what to do? If your pain is impacting your life, and ability to get around and get things done, don’t worry, go see Dr. Chen. Dr. Chen is known to his patients as a true hero or even a superman of those he’s helped.

We all come to him with a wide variety of health issues and pain problems. Twenty-three years ago I was in my early 40’s, laid up in bed and unable to walk. After one treatment from Dr. Chen, I could move my feet, stand and walk. He gave me the good health to follow my dreams of being an author and artist. Many people will warn you side effects but don’t listen….I have had no side effects all this time. Did you know that, on any given day, over 30 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In fact, more than half the general work force complains of back pain including me. I have degenerative disc problems. That’s a lot of you living with unnecessary pain every day.
If pain has stolen your hope, joy and wellness, give Dr. Chen a call at 314 997-1888.Together Dr. Chen and his staff will help you live a happier, healthier life. I agree with the last comment. He has a wonderful smile, gentle soothing manner and is very spiritual. I’m lucky he is my friend and pain doctor.


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