Efficient and Personable Pain Doctor

Over a decade ago, I was totally discouraged with the medical profession. Having been in constant abdominal pain my entire adult life, now some forty years, I was either treated like a drug addict or was inaccurately promised, through surgeries, the end of my affliction. After 13 surgeries I realized the pain was better after each surgery only to be worse than ever after a time. I was an over healer, meaning the adhesions didn’t stop forming after the area had healed.

By that time I was an invalid, spending the majority of my day bedridden, barely able to get around with the aid of a walker. Needless to say, my spirits had reached a new low. I became a frequent patient at the E.R. as my pain would rage out of control.

Fast-forward twelve years. As Dr. Chen’s patient (and biggest fan) I am functional, enjoying my favorite pass times, cooking/baking and gardening. Emergency rooms are a thing of the past. Dr. Chen and his support staff are efficient as well as personable. I never leave his office without sharing a laugh or two. Dr. Chen gave me back my quality of life. He is not only the finest doctor I have ever known but also one of the finest individuals I’ve had the privilege of knowing.


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