Exceptional Group of Caregivers

Dr. Chen and his staff are an exceptional group of caregivers. They exemplify what it really means to care for those that are sick. I’ve been a patient now for the past 13 years. The kindness and the warmth that they give each patient truly come from the heart. I’ve had to have a number of doctors to care for me over the years and none of them have come close to the compassion they have given me as a patient.

From the moment I set foot into that office they heard me, the person, and have always treated me with much dignity and respect. I’m not just an illness classified on a chart to them, but a human being that needed a loving touch and I get that with everyone in this office. I’m blessed for having found such caring Christian persons, who are people first and caregivers wrapped up in one package. It is rare to find that in a physician and his staff.

-Natalie R.

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