Financial Policy


To Our Patients:

We strongly feel that patients deserve the best possible medical care. In an effort to maintain this high quality of care, I would like to share with you some facts about Health Care Benefits.

Understanding your Health Care Benefits has become increasingly complex. Health insurance groups each have specific rules and limitations attached to their policies. You may find that your specific policy does not cover part of the health care services that I provide. It is unfortunate that health insurance companies sometimes place limitations on the kind or amount of care they will cover.

You will be asked to provide insurance information at the time of your first visit. If your insurance requires preauthorization, which applies to most HMO’s, please make the necessary arrangements prior to each visit. The Billing/Insurance Department is familiar with many insurance plans and will be happy to assist you.

I am not involved in any way with the decision-making policies of the health insurance providers. Since the professional care is rendered to the patient, you will be responsible for any portion of your care not covered by your health insurance provider.

All co-payments will be due and collected the day medical services are rendered.

Deductibles will be billed and expected to be paid promptly.

After payment has been received from your insurance company, any remaining balance will be billed to your from the Patient Billing Department. Should you have any questions regarding our billing procedures, please contact the Patient Billing Department at 314-997-1888.

To summarize, it is my goal to provide quality and compassionate care for all of my patients despite the increasing limitation of the insurance industry. My office will continue to accommodate you by filing your insurance claims on your behalf.

Thank you for choosing Greater St. Louis Pain Management Center as your healthcare provider.

In order to provide the highest level of medical care to the patients of Greater St. Louis Pain Management, all patients are required to adhere to our financial policy, which is outlined below.

Medical Insurance Coverage
Our providers participate in the majority of regional health plan networks allowing you the benefit of in-network coverage. After collecting a copy of your insurance card, we make every attempt to verify your current insurance coverage. Please understand that it is ultimately your responsibility to know your coverage. Information that we collect includes: effective dates, deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance amounts. We will review this information with you at your next visit.

Deductible and Co-payments are part of you contractual agreement with your insurance company and it is our responsibility as participating providers to collect those fees. Co-payments will be collected each visit. If your insurance company reimburses more than the billed amounts we will reimburse you immediately upon overpayment.

Verification of benefits is NOT a guarantee of payment. Please remember that any changes made to your insurance policy may affect coverage and reimbursement rates.

Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents
It is your responsibility to provide us with the name and address of the insurance carrier along with your claim number. If we do not have verifiable billing information within three clinic visits, your treatment will continue on a cash basis until we receive the necessary billing information pertaining to your injury or obtain private insurance information. If, for any reason, your claim is denied, we will attempt to bill your private health care insurance, but please understand that ultimately you are responsible for full payment. We do not accept attorney “letter of protection” for claims being disputed or in litigation. If that is the case we will need alternate insurance information or transfer your account to a cash pay basis.

For those patients with worker’s compensation claims, we will need to insure that the claim is not part of a managed care organization. If you have information on your enrollment with a managed care organization, please notify us immediately.

Our providers are participating providers with Medicare, and we will attempt to bill Medicare as well as any supplemental insurance company provided. You are financially responsible for any co-insurance or your annual deductible if applicable.

Uninsured / Cash Rate
Greater St. Louis Pain Management believes that no one should be denied services secondary to lack of insurance coverage. Our practice offers a cash rate to those who do not have appropriate insurance coverage. Payment will be required at the time of service unless arrangements are made in advance. Please inquire about our current cash pay rate by calling our office directly at (314) 997-1888.